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Howard Segermark, Director

segermark1Howard Segermark is President of Howard Segermark Associates, a government relations and association management firm. He is a Senior Economic Consultant to the American Family Business Institute and a Visiting Fellow in Monetary Policy at the Heritage Foundation.
In recent years, Howard has testified before state legislative committees or regulatory commissions in over twenty states and represented clients before the FCC, FTC, IRS and other agencies. He currently serves as the senior Trustee on the American Motorcyclists Association Political Action Committee and is a founding Director of the National Civic Art Society. He also Vice Chairman of the Board of the Institute on Religion and Public Policy and a long-time member of the Philadelphia Society.
Previously, he was Vice-President of A. B. Laffer Associates, the supply-side economic consulting firm founded by economist Arthur Laffer and prior to that he was Economic Counsel to a member of the U. S. Senate where he developed monetary and tax legislation and legislative strategy. During this period he founded and administered the Institute on Money and Inflation, a public policy research organization dedicated to the study and dissemination of information on sound money.