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Autumn Meeting 2012: The Challenge

 Annual Autumn Meeting Thursday, October 18, 2012  
The Union League Club 38 E. 37th Street, New York City

Registration begins at 5:00; Program begins 6:00 sharp.


Full Program

The Challenge: Does the Nation Face Hyperinflation,
Crushing Deflation – Or Possibly Restoration?

CMRE welcomes with pleasure:

James Rickards

author of the powerful book, Currency Wars; the Making of the Next Global Crisis
Rickards is just returning from Asia and lectures there, following his great success in London
addressing the GATA conference.

Alex J. Pollock & Walker Todd
two distinguished bankers and economists of AEI and AIER, respectively
to discuss banking reform essentially as life before the Federal Reserve. Indicative of Pollock’s work is his recent introduction to the book, “The Global Crisis of the Federal Reserve” by Brendan Brown CMRE’s own economist and banker.  Walker Todd also understands the need for banking reform. We have long recommended his important monograph: From Constitutional Republic to Corporate State: The Federal Reserve Board 1931-1934. 

Howard Segermark
gives coverage of Richard Duncan’s book, The New Depression: The Breakdown of the Paper Money Economy. (Richard Russell called the book a “must read.”) Duncan considers the work of Greenspan and Bernanke the greatest credit boom in recorded history and as Ludwig von Mises wrote… a credit expansion boom must unavoidably lead to a depression.

Richard Rahn
of the Cato Institute  and chairman of the Institute for Global Economic Growth  joins in with his recent editorial, “Stop Global Economic Malpractice; growth in spending requires cutbacks.”

Gilles Bransbourg
of the American Numismatic Society and NYU’s Institute for the Study of the Ancient World. Curator of “Signs of Inflation”, the exhibition recently launched by the American Numismatic Society at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Bransbourg’s career as a banker, economist, and historian gives him deep insights into the perennial temptations offered rulers by management of currency.

Victor Sperandeo
joins the international talk with views from his own extensive international investment world. Edwin Vieira years ago shared ideas with Sperando to write The Crash Maker.

Now!  Having covered Inflation and Deflation…as of August 2012, there is an effort for Restoration! With the possibility of a new Gold Commission in the Republican platform, the nation may restore its money.  Howard Segermark served on the first Gold Commission. This is an opportunity really to understand the Gold Standard.

Chairmen for the Evening

Chris Powell-GATA; Walker F. Todd-CMRE Director, Author;
Daniel Oliver Jr. CMRE DirectorJ. William Middendorf II - CMRE Chairman

To continue this important study, Participants are urged to obtain CMRE Monographs:

From Constitutional Republic to Corporate State: The Federal Reserve Board, 1931-1934
by Walker F. Todd CMRE Monograph No. 51;

The American System or the Corporative State?
By Edwin Vieira


Constitutional Foundation of American Economic Power
with Philip Bradley CMRE Monograph No. 48

“The reimplementation of constitutional money and banking would go far toward mitigating the present crushing public and private debt burden, restoring confidence in the economy, and making at least moral reparation for decades of dishonesty at the highest levels of government”
 pg. 15; Edwin Vieira       

Monographs may be ordered at the front desk at this meeting, or ordered from CMRE

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Early Reservations by Mail Recommended – Registration and Gathering begin at 4:00 PM May 17.

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