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George Selgin

George Selgin is Director of the Cato Institute’s Center for Monetary and Financial Alternatives. He is an adherent to the Free Banking School. See his recent article “L Street: Bagehotian Prescriptions for a 21st Century Money Market” in which he critiques the top-heavy banking system in which a few, systemically important banks controls the liquidity of the entire financial system. Many consider Selgin to be the highest expert on deflation, which is now affecting Europe and, given recent trends, may soon visit these shores.

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Paul Volcker

Paul Volcker served as the twelfth chairman of the Federal Reserve, from 1979 to 1987. Inflation was running at 12% when he was appointed to office, on its way to 15%. Volcker courageously raised interest rates to 20%, despite fierce political, business, and financial opposition. When he left office, inflation was 4.3%. Volcker was Chairman of the President’s Economic Recovery Board from 2009 to 2011 and supported rules to prevent banks from trading for their own accounts. He famously commented: “the only useful banking innovation was the invention of the ATM.”

Sean Fieler May 2014

Sean Fieler discusses “Truth in American Education”.


James Grant May 2014

Jim Reminisces about the CMRE and discusses Federal Reserve Policy.


Edwin Vieira May 2014

Bob Hoye May 2014

Educate the Fed and Reduce Arbitrary Nonsense

Elizabeth B. Currier May 2014

Tom Selgas May 2014

Robert Mundell

Nobel Prize winning economist and known as the “father” to the euro, Mundell helped start the supply-side economics, showing that the standard Keynesian prescription of artificially low interest rates and high taxes harmed economic growth.

Robert Mundell October 2013