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CMRE Launches New Website

New York, NY – October 18, 2014 – The Committee for Monetary Research & Education is pleased to announced the launching of its new internet site at www.cmre.org.

Dan Oliver, President of the CMRE, commented: “The CMRE began in 1970, when information transmission was extremely expensive. For those outside the big media companies, the most efficient methods to reach the public were lectures and physical distribution of articles and monographs, in which the CMRE excelled. Today, with the proper use of technology, information transfer is virtually free, allowing the market to choose quality ideas without corporate filters.”

The CMRE has a long history and voluminous archives, much of which has yet to be digitized. As it is preserved, it will be added to the new site.

Oliver added: “While lectures are no longer an efficient way to disseminate raw¬†information, gatherings will always best serve the purpose of idea exchange, which is why the CMRE continues to sponsor semi-annual meetings of monetary specialists.”

The new website will help coordinate the CMRE’s efforts to gather, develop, and disseminate discussions of monetary principles as reflected in the lessons history offers and how they relate to the classical liberal foundations of Western civilization.

Founded in 1970, the Committee for Monetary Research & Education is a non-profit, educational organization that seeks to promote greater public understanding of the nature of monetary institutions and of the central role that a healthy monetary system plays in the well-being of a free society.